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KVH V7-HTS: A Maritime Connectivity Revolution

Elevate your maritime communications with the KVH V7-HTS, a next-generation Global High Throughput Satellite (HTS) system that ushers in a high-speed revolution in maritime connectivity. This gyro-stabilized, 60 cm (24 inch) diameter TracPhone® V7-HTS is designed to deliver blazing fast worldwide connectivity through next-generation satellites on the mini-VSAT Broadband HTS Network. Here’s why it stands out:

Fastest Data Speeds: Experience uncompromised download/upload speeds, reaching as fast as 10 Mbps/3 Mbps. The KVH V7-HTS ensures rapid and reliable data transfer, keeping you seamlessly connected wherever your maritime journey takes you.

Dual Channels: Enjoy simultaneous access to high-speed and free unlimited-use data channels. The KVH V7-HTS optimizes your connectivity experience with dual channels, ensuring you stay connected without compromising on performance.

Global Coverage: Navigate the seas with confidence using KVH’s Ku-band HTS network, offering global coverage across 276 million square km (106+ million square miles). Whether near the shore or in the open ocean, the KVH V7-HTS keeps you connected.

Key Features:

  • Rugged, powerful, and compact Ku-band VSAT antenna (60 cm/24 in diameter, 26.1 kg/57.6 lbs)
  • Flexible and affordable data plans with speeds reaching up to 10 Mbps/3 Mbps (download/upload)
  • Global Ku-band broadband connectivity with fully integrated network management
  • Two satellite-optimized voice lines, expandable to up to nine concurrent voice lines
  • Empowered with powerful smart data tools and integrated KVH Watch IoT capabilities
  • Automatic, fast switching among high-speed network beams ensures a seamless connectivity experience

The KVH V7-HTS is more than just a satellite antenna; it’s a comprehensive SATCOM solution tailored to meet the demands of modern maritime communication. Join the high-speed revolution and empower your maritime connectivity with the KVH V7-HTS. Stay connected, stay ahead.


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