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IC-SAT100M Fixed-Mobile PTT System

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  • Truly Global PTT with Iridium® Push-To-Talk Service
  • Designed for Fixed Mount In-Building and In-Vehicle Operations
  • Interoperable Display with Icom IC-SAT100
  • Compatible with Iridium Extreme® PTT Handset
  • Easy Wiring Works Between the Antenna Unit and Main Unit Using a LAN Cable
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Product Meta

Explore Icom’s IC-SAT100M PTT Satellite Radio for Fixed Mount Operations. This dedicated satellite push-to-talk (PTT) radio revolutionizes real-time communications, providing seamless connectivity from vehicles to in-building locations. Say goodbye to the limitations of handheld satellite radios – with IC-SAT100M, communication stability doesn’t rely on an unobstructed sky view.

Features of IC-SAT100M:

1. Global Coverage:

Backed by the Iridium satellite network, IC-SAT100M ensures true wide-area global communication, reaching even the Earth’s poles.

2. Real-time Communications Anywhere:

Experience the power of instant communication at the push of a button, whether you’re in a vehicle, indoors, or even the basement.

3. Flexible Mounting Options:

  • Mobile Use: Attach the antenna to your vehicle’s roof or opt for an optional AH-40 antenna for top-of-car mounting.
  • In-Building Use: Utilize Power over Ethernet (PoE) for cost-efficient in-building solutions, with a LAN cable length of up to 100m.

4. PTT Group Communications:

Configure up to 15 talkgroups through the Iridium PTT Command Center, enabling truly global group communications.

5. Interoperability with Conventional Radios:

Connect seamlessly with IP phones, WLAN, LTE, and other communication systems using the VE-PG4 RoIP gateway.

6. User-friendly Design:

Switch effortlessly between IC-SAT100M and handheld IC-SAT100 units, thanks to a similar display and button layout on the speaker mic.

7. Additional Features:

  • Voice recording function
  • Short data messaging
  • Built-in Bluetooth®
  • Integrated GPS receiver for signal position

8. Durability:

Built to endure challenging conditions with MIL-STD-810 compliance. IP67 for Antenna w/RF Unit, IP55 for Speaker Mic, and IP54 for the Main Unit.

9. Security:

Ensure data security with AES 256-bit encryption.

10. High-Quality Audio:

Enjoy powerful 1500 mW audio for crystal-clear communication.

11. Multilingual Support:

Choose from English, French, Japanese, and Spanish for a personalized experience.

Upgrade your communication capabilities with IC-SAT100M – your reliable partner for fixed-mount satellite radio operations.

Specifications :

Antenna Unit Microphone IC-SAT100M
Dimensions (L x W x H) 200mm x 76.8mm x 76.8mm
Weight 500 g
Iridium Embedded Technology Iridium Core 9523 Module
Dimensions (L x W x D) 29 x 125 x 156.5 mm
Operating Temperature Range -30 to +60 ℃
Durability Standard MIL-810 G
Ingress Protection Antenna Unit with RF Unit: IP67; Main Unit: IP54; Microphone: IP55
RF Interface
Frequency Range 1616 to 1626.5 MHz
Input Voltage Range 10.5 V to 32 V DC
Idle Current Peak 550 peak mA
Transmit Current Average 700 average mA
Transmit Current Peak 2.5 peak A
Receive Current Average 800 average mA
Receive Current Peak 1100 peak mA
Additional Networks VE-PG4 Gateway Unit Enables Interconnectivity with Satellite PTT Radios, PMR Radios, LTE Radios, WLAN Radios, IP Phone Systems, and External Devices
Telephony No, IC-SAT100M is for Push-To-Talk (PTT) Use Only
Location Based Services Integrated GPS Receiver
User Experience
Mobility Install the Antenna Unit (with RF Unit) to the Rooftop for Vehicular or In-building Use

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