Global Satellite

High-Speed Plans

Monthly Data Plans $/month (USD) High-speed Data Rates Shaped Data Rates High-speed Data/month
H30-200MB $159 6/2 Mbps down/up 32/32 Kbps 200 MB Select
H30-500MB $309 64/32 Kbps 500 MB Select
H30-1GB $619 128/64 Kbps 1 GB Select
H30-2GB $1,239 2 GB Select
H30-5GB $1,669 5 GB Select
H30-10GB $2,249 10 GB Select
Plus Enhanced Voice Service
All phone calls to land or mobile lines worldwide only $0.59/minute!

High-Speed Metered Plans

Monthly Data Plans $/month (USD) High-speed Data Rates High-speed Data/month Overage Rates $/MB (USD)
H30M-200MB $109 6/2 Mbps down/up 200 MB $1.02 Select
H30M-500MB $269 500 MB $0.71 Select
H30M-1GB $539 1 GB $0.61 Select
H30M-2GB $1,069 2 GB $0.50 Select
H30M-5GB $1,549 5 GB $0.30 Select
H30M-10GB $2,129 10 GB $0.20 Select
Plus Enhanced Voice Service
All phone calls to land or mobile lines worldwide only $0.59/minute!
  • Activation Fee = $200
  • Month-to-month contract term
  • Service may be suspended in one month increments without limit
  • One Voice Line Included, additional lines available for $20/month
  • All plans require a KVH OneCare Subscription ($25/month) 
TracNet H30

TracNet H30

Navigating the Future: Unlocking Seamless Connectivity with KVH TracNet H30

In a world where staying connected is non-negotiable, Global Satellite takes pride in presenting a revolutionary solution to redefine your communication experience at sea – the KVH TracNet H30. As a leading provider in communication satellite services, we understand the critical importance of reliable connectivity for maritime operations. Let’s delve into the transformative capabilities of the KVH TracNet H30 and how it’s reshaping the landscape of maritime communication.

KVH TracNet H30 Unveiled:

The KVH TracNet H30 is more than just a satellite communication system; it’s a game-changer for vessels navigating the vast expanses of our oceans. Designed by KVH Industries, a pioneering force in mobile connectivity, the TracNet H30 is engineered to provide high-speed internet access, entertainment, and operational support seamlessly.

Key Features and Benefits:

  1. High-Speed Internet Anywhere at Sea: The KVH TracNet H30 is synonymous with high-speed internet connectivity, ensuring that maritime operations stay seamlessly connected regardless of their location. Experience uninterrupted internet access, allowing for efficient communication, navigation, and operational tasks.

  2. Entertainment on the High Seas: Elevate the onboard experience with KVH TracNet H30’s entertainment features. Crew members can stay connected with their loved ones through social media, stream movies, or catch up on the latest news during downtime. Enhance morale and well-being with the power of connectivity.

  3. Operational Efficiency Redefined: Beyond entertainment, the TracNet H30 contributes to operational efficiency. Access real-time weather updates, navigational data, and critical operational information to make informed decisions swiftly. The system is a valuable asset for fleet managers, enabling them to optimize routes and ensure the safety of their vessels.

  4. Flexible Data Plans for Every Need: Global Satellite, as a provider of communication satellite services, brings you flexible data plans for the KVH TracNet H30. Tailor your connectivity requirements to match your operational needs, ensuring cost-effectiveness without compromising on performance.

Why Choose KVH TracNet H30 with Global Satellite:

  1. Expert Guidance: Global Satellite offers expert guidance to help you seamlessly integrate the KVH TracNet H30 into your maritime operations. Our team ensures that you leverage the full potential of this cutting-edge communication system.

  2. Reliability and Support: Count on Global Satellite for reliable support and service. We understand the unique challenges of maritime communication, and our commitment is to provide continuous support to keep your vessels connected, no matter where they sail.

  3. Future-Ready Connectivity: The KVH TracNet H30, in partnership with Global Satellite, ensures that your vessels are future-ready. As technology evolves, our solutions evolve with it, keeping you at the forefront of maritime connectivity.

 The KVH TracNet H30, coupled with Global Satellite’s expertise, brings a new era of connectivity to maritime operations. Elevate your communication experience at sea, enhance operational efficiency, and stay connected like never before. Contact Global Satellite today to explore how the KVH TracNet H30 can transform your maritime communication. Navigate the future with confidence – navigate with KVH TracNet H30 and Global Satellite.