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Dropdown Price and Link Changer


Dropdown Price and Link Changer


Dropdown Price and Link Changer

*Overages per GB are billed at $4. Customers MUST Opt-In to overage to continue Starlink data in ocean areas and/or underway if the subscribed/allotted data has been used. If the vessel is in ocean areas and/or underway or leaves Starlink land coverage, there will be NO Starlink data if the subscribed/allotted data has been used and the plan is on Opt-out overage.

  • Monthly 24/7 support charge of  $50.00
  • Activation fee of  $200.00
  • Plans can be suspended at any time after the first month of service.
  • Plans can be up and downgraded on request
  • Warranty managed by Global Satellite for systems sold and delivered by Global Satellite 
  • The management fee is a monthly fee based on the selected plan.
  • overage per GB of $4.00
  • possibility of paying by bank transfer without processing the 4% card..

Conquer the Connectivity Divide with Starlink Plans on Global Satellite

starlink plans

starlink plans

Starlink, the brainchild of innovative visionary Elon Musk, is redefining satellite internet. Utilizing a constellation of thousands of low-orbit satellites, Starlink delivers blazing-fast speeds, low latency, and unparalleled global coverage. No longer chained to sluggish traditional satellite options or limited terrestrial networks, with Starlink, you can:

  • Stay connected in remote locations: Enjoy high-speed internet in rural areas, offshore platforms, and even the most breathtaking wildernesses.
  • Experience seamless video streaming: Binge-watch your favorite shows, attend online meetings, or host a remote gaming session without buffering or lag.
  • Work from anywhere: Stay productive with fast data upload and download speeds for remote work, file sharing, and video conferencing.
  • Stay in touch with loved ones: Make crystal-clear phone calls and video chats, keeping you connected to family and friends, no matter the distance.

Global Satellite: Your Trusted Starlink Partner

At Global Satellite, we’re your trusted partner in unlocking the world of Starlink internet. We offer a diverse range of Starlink plans to cater to your specific needs and budget, whether you’re a casual user seeking occasional connectivity or a demanding professional requiring high-bandwidth solutions.

Choose from flexible options:

  • Residential Plans: Enjoy reliable internet for your home, perfect for streaming, gaming, and remote work.
  • Business Plans: Stay productive and connected with dedicated bandwidth and priority access for essential business operations.
  • RV & Maritime Plans: Stay connected on the go, whether traversing land or sea, with flexible data packages for nomads and adventurers.

Beyond Plans: Experience and Expertise:

With Globalsatellite.us, you get more than just internet access. We offer exceptional customer service, expert guidance, and comprehensive technical support to ensure a smooth and seamless Starlink experience.

  • Technical assistance: Our dedicated team is here to help you choose the right plan, set up your equipment, and answer any questions you may have.
  • Ongoing support: We provide ongoing customer support, ensuring you’re never left alone with any technical issues.
  • Reliable equipment: We offer a range of user-friendly Starlink hardware options to suit your needs and preferences.

Invest in Freedom, Invest in Starlink with Globalsatellite.us:

Embrace the power of uninterrupted connectivity and break free from the shackles of limited access.

explore our range of Starlink plans. Let us be your bridge to the world, ensuring you’re always connected, no matter where your adventures take you.

Starlink monthly cost

Don’t just exist, thrive – with Starlink and Globalsatellite.us, the world is your online playground.

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