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Enhancing Marine Connectivity with Inmarsat Fleet One


Inmarsat Fleet One offers an affordable, reliable satellite communication solution designed specifically for small-scale maritime operations, including yachts and fishing boats. This service ensures connectivity beyond the reach of terrestrial networks, providing crucial voice and data services even in the most remote regions.


  1. Overview of Inmarsat Fleet One
  2. Key Features of Fleet One
  3. Service Plans and Pricing
  4. Installation and Usage
  5. Conclusion
  6. FAQs

Overview of Inmarsat Fleet One

Inmarsat Fleet One provides cost-effective and reliable satellite communication for small vessels, ensuring connectivity anywhere in the world. Designed for recreational sailors and small fishing boat operators, Fleet One offers tailored airtime pricing in key coastal regions to keep costs manageable.

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Enhancing Marine Connectivity with Inmarsat Fleet One 1

Key Features of Fleet One

Fleet One boasts several essential features, including:

  • Global Coverage: Seamless connectivity anywhere on the world’s oceans.
  • Flexible Pricing Plans: Pay-as-you-go and monthly plans to suit different needs.
  • High-Quality Voice and Data: Simultaneous voice and IP data up to 100 kbps.
  • Safety Services: Free ‘505’ emergency calling to maritime rescue coordination centers.
  • Easy Installation: Simple plug-and-play setup requiring no specialist skills.
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Enhancing Marine Connectivity with Inmarsat Fleet One 2

Service Plans and Pricing

Inmarsat offers several service plans for Fleet One, tailored to different usage patterns:

  1. Coastal Plans: Ideal for near-shore fishing and leisure trips.
  2. Global Plans: Suitable for vessels traveling worldwide.

For more detailed pricing, visit Inmarsat Fleet One Plans.

Installation and Usage

Fleet One is designed for simplicity and ease of use:

  • Simple Installation: Just plug in and get online with the easy setup hardware.
  • Versatile Connectivity: Connect your computer, tablet, or mobile device.
  • Safety and Navigation: Access the latest navigation and safety alerts, emails, SMS, and voice calls.

For an instructional video on installation, check out this of Our Global Satellite’s Knowledge center.


Inmarsat Fleet One is a game-changer for small vessel operators, providing reliable, cost-effective satellite communication. Whether you’re sailing near the coast or venturing into the deep sea, Fleet One ensures you stay connected, safe, and informed, no matter where your journey takes you.


What is the maximum data speed of Fleet One?

Fleet One offers simultaneous voice and IP data services at speeds up to 100 kbps.

Can I use Fleet One for emergency calls?

Yes, Fleet One supports the ‘505’ emergency service, allowing direct calls to maritime rescue coordination centers.

What types of vessels can use Fleet One?

Fleet One is suitable for small fishing boats, yachts, and other leisure vessels.

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